‘Get a Will’ – says Gerry Robinson

Have you got a valid will? If so, you’re in the minority.

Every day, over 1,500 people die in the UK, and more than 70% of them die without a legally valid will – a truly shocking statistic, which can lead to conflict amongst the remaining family.

Sir Gerry Robinson

Sir Gerry Robinson

Now one of the country’s leading businessmen, Sir Gerry Robinson, wants to help change that.

Assisted by expert legal advisors, he will help people to write their wills for a major new BBC2 series.

Free help

Sir Gerry is looking for families who might be interested in receiving free, expert help.

“It shocked me when I found out how many people in this country haven’t written their will,” says Sir Gerry Robinson.

“I want to start raising awareness of this issue, and helping people put their estates in order.”

Even those who have written a will may find it is out of date. “If you wrote it twenty years ago, stuffed it in a drawer and forgot about it,” Sir Gerry points out, “you may find that your circumstances have changed so much it no longer applies.

And if you didn’t get it properly witnessed at the time, it isn’t valid anyway.”

Get in touch

Sir Gerry has helped families before on the BBC. In two previous series, he gave free advice to family-run businesses. “My family is the most important thing in my life,” he says, “but I know how complicated family affairs can be. It can be tempting to put off addressing issues like this. But in the long-run, that only stores up trouble. Would you rather write your will yourself, or have the government write it for you by default?”

The programme’s producers would like to speak to anyone who is having trouble writing their will, or knows someone who is – perhaps you know your own parents have been putting it off, and need help? Or a relative, or friend?

Further information

All calls will be in strict confidence.

Please call the production team on: 020 7861 8068 or email them at: legacy@talkbackthames.tv

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